Nauru Diary - Sally McInerney Photography

Shown at Ginkgo Gallery, Glebe, May 2013


Unintended autobiographies can be read between the lines of certain handmade signs and notices. Concerning lost companions, transactions of labour, sex, food and unbroken horses, declarations of love, the memorialisation of self and others, they seem like private letters to the world, posted from shadow-caves on the fringe of public life.

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Teachers of English, hotel rooftop party.

Teachers of English, mostly Australian, at a “hens’ party” on the roof of the Od-n Aiwo Hotel, a popular party spot for locals and others, as may be deduced from the many old bottles and bleaching Pure Blonde cans. These teachers work at the asylum-seeker centre and at Nauruan schools. Some of them were coming to the end of their shift, about to fly home after many weeks. I think that you can see the muted strain of their hardworking lives in their bright party faces. 7 November 2014