Nauru Diary - Sally McInerney Photography

Shown at Ginkgo Gallery, Glebe, May 2013


Unintended autobiographies can be read between the lines of certain handmade signs and notices. Concerning lost companions, transactions of labour, sex, food and unbroken horses, declarations of love, the memorialisation of self and others, they seem like private letters to the world, posted from shadow-caves on the fringe of public life.

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Joyful Restaurant

The Joyful restaurant's sign attracted me when I first saw it closed in the rain. Driving around the island later with friends, wanting to find it in sunshine, I said, 'The Joyful is back that way somewhere, we need to turn around.' No, they said, laughing, it's a very small island,' and there was the Joyful just ahead. This sort of thing kept happening. The Chinese proprietors arrived to open the restaurant for lunch as I was photographing: three people, like a family group, with a few white plastic shopping bags on their arms.
9 November 2014